December 1, 2021

Children's Toolbox with Beki | Vectric's Christmas Toy Shop | Day 2 | Vectric FREE CNC Projects

One of the things I miss most about being a kid is how far stretched
your imagination is, to the point where your bunk bed is no longer a
bed it’s actually a pirate ship that’s crashing against the waves!

I wanted to bring some of that imaginary play into this project, so I
created a Toolbox with some essential tools! The idea is that the kids
can make their own amazing imaginary projects, perhaps it’s just a
box, a toy just like this or maybe they’re making a huge wooden fun
house! Who wouldn’t want to make that at that age right? Whatever
it is, I’m sure children will have a blast with this toy.

The project is made up of 3 materials (all at different thicknesses)
there is the slot together element of the box itself, there is 3D two
sided machining for the hammer and everything else is pretty much
2D cuts with the exception of a little v-carving for the ruler and the
text in the box.

All you need to do to create your own Toolbox is to alter the width/
height of the slots according to the material thickness you plan to
machine into, where the vectors you need to change are red (on a
layer called “Slot Vectors To Alter According to Z”) this also includes
the holes for the doweling. To alter the slots make sure that you
remove the fillets from the existing vectors, alter the sizes and then
insert your fillets according to the tool radius you are going to use.

I hope this project inspires you to share some
#kindnessthischristmas and gift this Toolbox to a little one near you!

Merry Christmas & Happy Making!


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