February 21, 2018

Calibration of the machine geometry made easy

DMG MORI Technology Cycles simplify the programming of machining processes and optimise entire manufacturing processes. With these cycles, even complex machining steps can be programmed directly on the machine via dialogues, simply by entering parameters.

VCS Complete – up to 30 percent more precision over a machine tool’s lifetime.

This is a visualised, interactive and user-friendly form of programming, which results in significant time-saving in production. DMG MORI has been concentrating on the continuous further development of exclusive Technology Cycles, of which there are now 30, on the basis of its extensive application experience. The machine tool manufacturer presented its latest Technology Cycle for calibrating the basic machine geometry including correction of the kinematics at its Open House in Pfronten.

Digitalisation is at the forefront of our research and development. We are making our customers fit for Industry 4.0 with DMG MORI Technology Cycles and our interactive, user-friendly software solutions”, says Dr. Edmond Bassett, who is responsible for the development of DMG MORI Technology Cycles, including the new VCS Complete, within the Group. The precision of a machine tool directly depends on its geometry. Over time, this may change as the result of wear and collision, making a calibration necessary. The DMG MORI Technology Cycle VCS Complete undertakes this calibration and, moreover, automatically corrects the machine kinematics, which increases the accuracy of the machine and also enables the accuracy to be classified.

DMG MORI has been concentrating on the continuous further development of exclusive Technology Cycles, of which there are now 30.

VCS Complete records the data with the measuring probe and the tool kit. This comprises two calibration spheres connected by a CRP tube, which is used as a length standard. The Technology Cycle can thus determine volumetric deviations throughout the entire working area. The software analyses the recorded machine error and creates a compensation value, which can be directly activated at the machine. The expansion coefficient of machining materials also takes VCS Complete into consideration. The data collected during the measuring processes is recorded by VCS Complete for seamless documentation making further analyses possible.


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