December 23, 2019

Boosting Shop Productivity by Applying High Efficiency Milling Techniques

If you missed Fusion Academy of Autodesk University, we have FANTASTIC news for you -- all of the academy sessions can be found here:

And all the AU sessions can be found here:

In this session, Scott Tiehen (VP of Innovation at Harvey Performance Tool) and Don Grandt (National Applications Engineer) will look at how to apply high efficiency machining techniques, and will cover key topics that include: an overview of high efficiency milling; qualifying proper applications for HEM; how to select the right end mills; speeds, feeds, and running parameters for Adaptive Clearing toolpaths; advanced tool holding techniques for more aggressive runs; how to introduce High Efficiency Milling into a shop's workflow.

*We did our best to fix the audio, but with a live session, these tend to have issues so we apologize in advance if you find it to be sub-par.



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