January 28, 2018

Bison Gear and Engineering launches web-based 3D CAD configurator

Bison Gear and Engineering has launched an all-new online configurator of digital CAD models for their most popular gearmotors. The configurator enables users to customize and download the exact product they need and apply it into their design. This tool streamlines the product specification process and provides on-demand access to digital product information and 3D CAD data in 100+ formats.

“The idea is to make it as easy as possible for the customer to get the information they need and quickly incorporate it into their design,” Aaron Hansen, Business Development Manager at Bison Gear, said. “One of the big benefits of the configurator is not only the ease of access to that information but the ability to customize the product for a customer-specific application.”
The new 3D CAD Configurator enables engineers to customize, download and digitally incorporate Bison’s products into their designs. Engineers using the online tool can configure the product they need and virtually test it within their project, accelerating the design process while ensuring accuracy for the final product.
Bison Gear & Engineering Corp.
3D CAD World

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