July 15, 2019

Big Kaiser Factory Tour!

Ultimate Precision. Lean Manufacturing. Switzerland. Milling. Turning. Grinding--AND one of the best integrated youth apprenticeship programs I've ever seen!

With a name like Big Kaiser, I expected a gigantic building to house this awesomeness, BUT I WAS WRONG! Let's just say they're winning when it comes to maximizing efficiency. Small building....LOTS of production.

Top notch technology and tool management = top priorities. CLOSED LOOP OPTICAL QR READERS? YES, PLEASE!
Welcome to the Big Kaiser Factory Tour just outside of Zurich, Switzerland.

Links for this video:

Big Kaiser Tooling | http://bit.ly/30yttoB

National Tooling and Machining Association

Big Kaiser Digital Boring Head | http://bit.ly/2Jp5Yr2

CNC & Fusion 360 Info:

Get Fusion 360: https://autode.sk/2SKfKKX

Fusion 360 Online Training Course: http://bit.ly/learnfusion

Business Resources & Private Forum: http://www.nyccnc.com

About NYC CNC / Saunders Machine Works:

NYC CNC on Facebook: http://bit.ly/nycFB

Saunders Machine Works Instagram: http://bit.ly/SMWinsta

I discovered machining as a young adult and am grateful to have found something I love and am able to share with others.
We hope NYC CNC not only makes you a better machinist but helps you understand and learn more about how to succeed as a manufacturing entrepreneur!



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