November 13, 2018

Battling downtimes

Okuma’s full spindle service

Okuma normally services spindles within five days. © Okuma

As the industry’s only single-source CNC provider, Okuma Europe stands out for its international service network providing fast assistance for operators across Europe. Being the most important part of the machine, Okuma pays special attention to its spindle and ensures that customers’ spindles are maintained and repaired as quickly as possible. The Customer Support Centre’s services include spare part delivery, preventive machine maintenance as well as local support from certified service technicians all over Europe.

Even though preventive maintenance avoids a majority of issues that may result in damage to the machines, defects can occur from time to time. In case of problems with one of the 25,000 Okuma machines installed across Europe, the manufacturer is able to react immediately. In addition to its very fast spare parts distribution system, the CNC expert operates an in-house spindle repair facility that offers support to fix spindles, usually within five days. Not only does Okuma exchange defective parts, but all of the spindle’s main components, such as the rotary lead-through. To allow 24 hour delivery, Okuma keeps 400 spindles in stock in Krefeld while 400 additional units are available through Okuma America. Defective units are thoroughly examined and restored at the original testing stations. Following the exchange, Okuma extends two years warranty on repaired and three years warranty on newly purchased machine spindles.

During spindle maintenance Okuma replaces all important parts, including the rotary lead-through. © Okuma

From the European headquarters in Krefeld, Germany, Okuma coordinates shipping of exchange parts to customers in more than 32 countries. In addition to the 35,000 spare parts permanently in stock in Krefeld, Okuma’s global network of authorised distributors can supply over 100,000 additional exchange components. The customer support only supplies high-quality original parts for exchange, to prevent complications resulting from employing services and components from third-party providers. Moreover, hotlines for remote diagnostics and diagnostic service apps offer immediate assistance. To ensure constant availability and “just-in-time” delivery of spare parts, Okuma has recently invested three million Euros in storage facilities with a new mobile racking system, over 1000 m² of additional floor space and more than 1,800 pallet spaces. In order to guarantee professional assistance, Okuma has invested in additional personnel. Besides, employees receive practical training on the machines which is mandatory for both Okuma staff and the 32 authorised Okuma distributors across Europe.


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