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Bambu Lab X1 Carbon VS P1P 3D Printer Review

The X1 and P1P are the hottest new 3D printers from Shenzhen start up Bambu Lab – but could they be the best 3D Printer of 2023?

Bambu Lab – https://bambulab.com/en

Raditive Prints (impressive multi-color prints) – https://www.raditiveprints.com

Glitch Planter (the pretty cubic vase mode print) – https://www.printables.com/model/287770-glitch-planter

Thermal runaway protection testing – https://youtu.be/y259ajfqvHY

Join the Maker’s Muse Community – https://www.makersmuse.com/maker-s-muse-community

3D Printing Quick Start Guide – https://www.makersmuse.com/fdm-fff-3d-printing-quick-start-guide

3D Printer Buyers Guide – https://www.makersmuse.com/purchasing-your-first-3d-printer-fdm-fff

3D Printing Essentials – https://www.amazon.com/shop/makersmuse

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