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Back Garden Grill Sign | Making a Beginners CNC Sign | In The Labs with Vectric | FREE CNC Projects

Turn up the heat on your CNC learning and find out how to make this sizzling barbeque sign using our FREE trial software! Step up from laser or 3D printing, and add a new tool to your workshop to get more accuracy, efficiency and do repetitive jobs more easily while you’re busy making something else!

Todd shows you how to download our FREE VCarve Desktop trial and create this quick and easy Back Garden Grill sign. Then choosing from 6 handy artwork layouts we’ve given you to get started, he uses his step-by-step tour of CNC to create vectors of the drawing and how to create 2 simple toolpaths to tell your machine what to cut.

Then if you decide to purchase and install on the same PC, get all the files you’ve created and cut the sign right away; no need to change your setup! Signing up to our V&CO portal gives you access to this project plus a huge library of other free CNC projects which you can have a go at cutting on your CNC. Simply save your toolpaths, add personalisation and customise with your own family name or message. Then light the pit, take in the vibes and enjoy some great food!

These FREE projects comes with the file(s) for you to download from your V&CO account. For those of you yet to try our software packages, why not download our FREE trial software with these project files and give it a go!

Happy Making!

Click here to download the files: https://www.vectric.com/vectric-community/free-projects/in-the-labs/BackGardenGrillSign

If you’re new to Vectric and you’re looking to purchase easy to use CNC software, why not download our FREE trial software to be sure it’s right for you: https://www.vectric.com/free-trial

Alternatively, to upgrade your existing software from a previous version or to Aspire from one of our other products (Cut2D or VCarve), simply login to your V&CO account here: https://portal.vectric.com/login

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