December 10, 2018

Automation Cells with flexLoad

UNITED GRINDING recently featured the newly released production version of the flexLoad automation solution attached to a MIKROSA KRONOS S 250 centerless grinding machine. The flexLoad package uses a FANUC 6-axis robot loader to group any combination of compatible grinding machines into two-machine automation cells. UNITED GRINDING’s Automation Solutions department can customize flexLoad installations for any production environment.

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The production version of flexLoad incorporates input from UNITED GRINDING customers into a platform-neutral solution that can integrate multiple equipment brands into an automation cell. UNITED GRINDING notes that one flexLoad system running a five-day work week can improve productivity by 33% per shift over output with a human operator, saving nearly $2 million in labor costs and productivity enhancements over a 15-year period. The product is sourced from U.S. suppliers with a focus on cost containment coupled with high quality and responsive design.

The MIKROSA KRONOS S 250 features a grinding spindle mounted on maintenance-free hybrid roller bearings for higher peripheral speeds of up to 150 m/s. Set-up and cycle times are reduced due to the machine’s CBN high-speed technology.

Designed for plunge and through grinding of workpieces with diameters ranging from 0.059″ to 1.378″ (1.5 to 35 mm), the MIKROSA KRONOS S 250 has a plunge cut width up to 9.646″ (245 mm). The machine features a cross-slide system for grinding and regulating wheels with dynamic digital drives and precision ball screws that provide flexibility during set-up, dressing and grinding.

Source:via Manufacturing News via United Grinding

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