November 11, 2021

Autodesk Fusion 360 | Tutorial: Additive Manufacturing with Process Simulation and Post-Processing

In this video, Sualp Ozel will highlight how to use Autodesk Fusion 360 for design and make with both additive methods and subtractive methods. The video takes a part created by generative design and creates a manufacturing model. The manufacturing model is the basis for our additive manufacturing method demonstration, with another model created for the milling operations. This video is using a Renishaw AMX 250 as the selective laser melting printer. After choosing print settings, parts can be positioned manually or through automated processes. The automatic orientation tool can find an orientation that best suits the design needs. With each orientation, Fusion 360 delivers information such as support area, support, volume, height, and bounding box volume. Once a suitable orientation has been chosen, support structures are needed. Autodesk Fusion 360 allows for the creation of various support structures. These support structures can be customized to achieve the necessary geometry and can be applied to individual faces or an entire body. In this video, volume support is chosen and tested. The process simulation tool in Fusion 360 can determine whether volume supports will be successful when printed. The Fusion 360 process simulation tool can also identify distortions and stresses that can occur during the printing process. Fusion 360 can also simulate how the toolpaths are going to change over time. Visualization can be used for an entire part or a given layer to more closely inspect infill and hatching strategies. Once satisfied with the final product, Fusion 360 will generate the file format that is necessary for the printer. The only post-processing operation we will do is a drilling operation. Drilling operations are easier with the hole-recognition technology in Fusion 360. Once the toolpaths are calculated, Fusion 360 can visualize them with the process simulation tool.


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