November 4, 2021

Autodesk Fusion 360 | Quick Tip: How to Change a Body Color in Fusion 360

How do you change a body color in Fusion 360? This Quick Tips video will break it down. First, open up the appearance dialog. The appearance dialog can be accessed a number of ways: click the Modify drop down and select appearance; or find a body in the browser, right-click, and select appearance; or use a Fusion 360 hotkey. In this instance, clicking "A" will also bring up the appearance dialog.

Once the appearance dialog is open, look for the ideal appearance then drag and drop it onto the body that will be modified. In this Quick Tips video, we change the appearance of the valve body from metallic paint to iron cast. We are also modifying the paint color by switching the color of the cover from blue to red. In addition to adding material and paint colors. Fusion 360 also comes with some unique appearances including water (as shown here).

If the desired effect is not to permanently change the appearance of your parts, but instead just use colors to differentiate the components in your design, Fusion 360 has solved for that. We have a tool in Fusion 360 under the Tools tab called the component color cycling toggle. This tool will update the colors visually without making any changes to the part or component.


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