December 2, 2021

Autodesk Fusion 360 | November 2021 What's New - Fusion 360 Electronics

Autodesk Fusion 360 is CAD, CAM, CAE, and PCB software that truly unifies design, engineering, electronics, and manufacturing into a single software platform. This video covers the November 2021 updates for Fusion 360 Electronics.

►Add 3D models to parts directly in the Schematic or PCB Editor
In this version of fusion 360, you have the option to edit or add a 3D model to your component. In the package editor, you can import an existing 3D model or use our package editor to build one for you once you provide the mechanical details of the component. This will save time in the event that you need a quick 3D model of your PCB.

►Design Space Sketch circles get converted to holes in the PCB
In this update, the circles from the sketch profile will be replaced by holes on the PCB. This will provide the appropriate hole to hole relationship for manufacturing output.

►Added Template for DIP socket package in the Package Editor
Fusion 360 includes an elaborate library editor that makes part-making simple. With the package editor, you're able to use one of available templates to create the footprint and 3D model in a single step by providing the mechanical details of the part you need. In this update, we have added a template for DIP sockets.

►Additional Layers on footprint now appear on the Package Editor
The Fusion 360 library editor provides the capability to map or create packages with an innovative Package Editor that includes IPC-7351 compliant component templates and more. The Package Editor is also used to map existing 3D models to your footprints. In this update, you now have the convenience of the Milling Layer and Holes appearing in the Package workspace making it so much easier to align the 3D model to the footprint.

►New library parts - IC_Wireless-RF library
We have added popular LoRA chips (IC_Wireless-RF library) from Semtech, Microchip which are present in Lora Modules, widely used for IoT applications.

►Improved performance of Fusion 360 Electronics when running scripts, and ULP execution
With this update, ULPs script performance in Fusion 360 has some scripts operating more than 60x faster and with improved automatic undo stack operation.

►Inputting negative values -2.5 or .5 point for component position is now working
Editing the properties position of a component on the PCB or Schematic editor previously did not allow the input of negative or solely decimal values. For this update, this has been fixed. Remember that moving assets in the PCB editor remain subject to the active violation mode. Therefore, your DRC setting will restrict the move if you have the Walkaround or Push & Shove environments enabled.

►References are lost in assembly with 3D PCB
Fusion 360 provides an electronic design environment that is fully integrated with 3D modeling. By inserting the 3D model of the PCB in the mechanical design workspace of Fusion 360, the mechanical engineer can fine-tune placement or use components as reference for the enclosure. All changes made by the mechanical engineer to the 3DPCB will alert the PCB engineer of the changes. In this update we have fixed using electronic parts as references in the design workspace not updating when components are moved in the PCB. From now on, moving parts on the PCB will update the reference on the design workspace.

►CAM Processor now includes an Image Processor
The CAM processor now include an image processor section and it will support BMP, JPG, and PNG output formats. This configurable section will now help you generate your design images for documentation or for making PCB prototypes when using Toner Transfer methods.


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