December 8, 2021

Autodesk Fusion 360 | New Model Attributes in the Manage Extension

New Model Attributes are now available in your drawing Title Blocks for those using the Fusion 360 Manage Extension as their Product Data Management solution.

Since releasing the Fusion 360 Manage extension you've had the ability to add attributes to the title block to show the Item number, state, lifecycle, and revision of the drawing.

With the release in November 2021, we can now add 4 new attributes to show the item number, state, lifecycle, and revision of the model.

These attributes refer to model attributes that are created using the manage extension. These can be used to help you document the model attributes in the title block whereas before you could only see the attributes of the drawing. Not only is the drawing automatically updated with whatever model you place on the drawing it is also context-aware.

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