November 30, 2021

Autodesk Fusion 360 | Multi-Axis CNC Machining in Computer-Aided Manufacturing

As part complexity increases, manufacturing departments are under constant pressure to deliver safe and reliable CNC machining programs. Complex, high-value parts often contain features and details which cannot be produced using three-axis machining alone. Autodesk Fusion 360 can create multi-axis operations to fully utilize the capabilities and maximize the ROI of your 5-axis machines.

Accessibility analysis shading creates a quick visual reference indicating whether a part can be fully machined from a single direction, accelerating the decision process on how to orient and fix your parts ready for machining. To reduce the cost of fixturing to produce parts in fewer setups, multiaxis positions such as 3+1 or 3+2 machining can be used. Toolpath directions can be rapidly selected and calculated with efficient patterns and ordering options for multi-part machining on tombstones. To address 4-axis machining, there is 4-axis rotary capability. This allows full 4-axis simultaneous machining of freeform shapes with multiple pass options to best suit your geometry and the ability to set angular limits and offset the tool to improve cutting conditions. For the most complex parts, there is full simultaneous 5-axis programming to allow the use of shorter, more rigid tools which reduce vibration and improve the surface quality of finishing operations. A selection of toolpath options are available with a range of tilting methods such as lead, lag, and sideways lean to improve surface finish, as well as the ability to cut with the side of the tool to take advantage of its full flute length. Extending this further, Autodesk Fusion 360 has automatic collision avoidance. Paths can be programmed using a primary tool direction, either vertical or from and to a point or curve. In the event of a collision being detected between the part and the tool or holder, the tool is automatically tilted away from the pod, removing the collision. This is enhanced with intelligent smoothing to help avoid sudden and erratic machine motion and tool axis limits to control how far the tool tilts. Autodesk Fusion 360 offers everything one needs to get the most out of their machines.


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