November 4, 2021

Autodesk Fusion 360 LIVE: Idea to 3D Print in Under 30 Minutes

Autodesk Fusion 360 is facilitating a world where you can take an idea and turn it into a functional part faster than ever. On today's livestream, Jason is going to walk you though that exact process using Fusion 360 and a Makerbot Method X Carbon 3D printer. You'll learn best practices regarding external components versus internal components, a great use case for the derive command, modeling using multiple component instances, and how to use parameters. You'll also learn how to design for 3D printing, some insight into 3D printer settings, and even 3D printer part cleanup. If you design for 3D printing, this livestream is for you.

In this video, Jason will be referencing his Makerbot Method X Carbon 3D printer. If you would like to learn more about the Makerbot METHOD platform, click here:


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