October 29, 2021

Autodesk Fusion 360 | Ganas Manufacturing

Ganas Manufacturing is based in Detroit and specializes in custom millwork and bespoke furniture for commercial and residential clients. The company found that Autodesk Fusion 360 provided all the capabilities they needed and more, including 2D CAD, 3D modeling, CAM and CNC support, and a nesting & fabrication extension that dramatically reduced the time and effort involved in complex cabinetry projects.

►FREE TRIAL | https://autode.sk/2uLm8a6
►SUBSCRIBE | https://autode.sk/2q61ZpD
►GET STARTED | https://autode.sk/2HaB2Jk

CONNECT with Fusion 360 on social media:
INSTAGRAM | https://autode.sk/2Enzh8P
FACEBOOK | http://autode.sk/19jII5A
TWITTER | http://autode.sk/19jIJXc

LISTEN to the Fusion 360 podcast "The New Possible":
BLOG | http://autode.sk/3qbFsFS
SPOTIFY | http://autode.sk/3txPz9O
APPLE | http://autode.sk/36LwBTE
GOOGLE | http://autode.sk/2YQccbC

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