December 3, 2021

Autodesk Fusion 360 | Fusion 360 Flat strategy - Rest Machining Update

In this video, the Fusion 360 team will walk you through the new addition of rest machining to the recently released Flat toolpath strategy. This update focuses on how to use the new rest machining functionality, as well how as how to fine tune the rest machining option to maximize machining efficiency.

Rest machining removes only the material left over from previous toolpaths that was not able to be machined previously with a larger tool. This saves machining time and means machinists can also avoid unnecessarily marking a part. To enable this, create a new flat strategy toolpath. You'll need to specify a smaller tool than what was specified in the previous operation. In this case, I'll use a 10 millimeter endmill. Now check the rest machining option in the Geometry tab. This will use the previous operation in the exploratory to guide the flat strategy as to what material remains to be machined. Notice how the flat strategy only machines the areas that were not previously accessible by the larger tool. Another benefit here is that when applying multiple depths, the rest machining option only cuts where residual material exists. When using multiple depths, the segments are not just offset upwards, but rather calculated on the remaining stock in a given area, making it a smarter option for some 2D pockets

Don’t forget that the rest machining and the flat strategy can be used to stack flat strategies where you want to progressively reduce the tool diameter or it can be used in conjunction with other strategies. The choice is yours.

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