April 23, 2019

Autodesk Fusion 360 Dragknife Plugin


Post the created contours with your default post processor. Afterwards, open the file with DragKnife to convert it into a specialized g-code for drag knives. After inspecting the outputted g-code, you are ready to use a drag knife on your CNC. For inspection, we recommend NC Viewer which can be also downloaded here in the app store.
Supported post processors:

  • Biemmepi
  • CNC Router Parts
  • Eding CNC
  • FlexiCAM
  • Grbl
  • Intelitek
  • LinuxCNC (EMC2)
  • Mach3Mill
  • MultiCam ISO
  • Opticut
  • Thermwood 3-Axis
  • Tormach PathPilot
  • WinCNC


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