Autodesk Announces Vault Workgroup is Discontinued

Autodesk Announces Vault Workgroup is Discontinued

It would appear that some customers are not happy with this news due the fact they will find other solutions more expensive. We have seen change with a few of Autodesk’s more popular products in recent years which haven’t been easy to swallow for some customers.

Vault workgroup will be discontinued with last new purchase on July 6 2022, and last 1 year renewal on July 6 2023.

Lets discuss the implications of this.

For us it will be 8 times more expensive for each cad-user license at the moment, although we need fewer in total as some users only need read access (for free using pro). This is because our ancient licenses has been converted to subscription with rebates and so on multiple times and we only pay around a quarter of the new subscription cost. Now we are forced to move to pro with no rebates at all. Should have kept our perpetual licenses!

For a small department like us, what’s most annoying is that the job processor needs a full license which will cost a lot extra for marginal utility.


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