July 1, 2019

Ask The Expert: Silicon Carbide (SiC)

00:38 - What does SiC bring to power electronics systems, that IGBT, MOSFET and Super Junction MOSFET don't?
01:43 - What is the difference between Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) power devices?
02:33 - What are the applications where SiC should be considered the default choice and why?
03:23 - What types of SiC devices are available today?
04:04 - Which industries are moving towards SiC, is it just where higher power is needed?
04:46 - What are cost levels of SiC compared to Silicon only, is there are premium and if so why?
06:21 - What are the key operating differences?
07:47 - What about power conversion in consumer electronics which is dominated by silicon, will SiC emerge
08:30 - Is it true that due to packaging materials used, that SiC is only practical for low-frequency circuits? At higher frequencies Capacitance and Inductance become an issue? If so what frequency ranges are they suited to?
10:15 - Loved ROHM's SiC article on DesignSpark. Is SiC considered to be an alien material then?!
11:07 - Electrically powered cars are big news, are you working in partnership with any Automotive manufacturers in developing the technology and moving away from the reliance on fossil fuels?
12:42 - Can SiC MOSFETS be designed within circuits as a replacement for Silicon, or do you need to consider wider operating characteristics when including SiC?
14:04 - What is the ideal gate resistance value when connecting SiC MOSFETS in parallel?
14:49 - Why is there undershoot/overshoot of the gate signal during SiC device drive?
15:57 - How can I mitigate the undershoot and overshoot of the gate signal when using SiC products?
16:26 - What happens to the gate voltage drive in SiC MOSFETS and modules when deviating from the recommended values?
18:05 - Is a negative bias required for the gate drive voltage in SiC MOSFETS and modules?

Read the full article at: https://www.rs-online.com/designspark/ask-the-expert-silicon-carbide

We were joined at DesignSpark HQ by ROHM Semiconductor's Field Application Engineer Christian Felgemacher, who answered questions about silicone carbide (SiC) technology that had been submitted by members of our online engineering community.

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