Anomalies when shelling

Hi Lestatdelc – the way shelling works for an opening is it offsets the other surfaces and tries to extend those offsets until they run into the opening. When the opening is smooth to the surrounding faces that can’t happen. So usually the face to be open needs to meet up with the surrounding surfaces in a sharp edge, not a smooth edge like you have there. You should be able to construct the shell in some manual steps though starting with an offset of your main surface. If you can please post the 3dm model file it would help me give better advice.

> Another issue is the “network” function does not always follow the outline of the frame precisely.

Can you please post the .3dm file and I”ll take a look. Network goes through a fitting process though and it’s normal for such things to be off of exact by about 0.001 units. It looks like you’re zooming in quite a ways there so you’re probably seeing that small deviation.

If you want to have a surface that matches input curves exactly you can’t use Network for that, you can get that with some other surfacing commands that do not use any fitting process though like Extrude or Revolve.

> Another weird thing, if I create a revolved shape and rotate it, Moi suddenly alters the radius slightly just by rotating it.
> I noticed this when I created a revolved shape of precisely 14.375 cm in radius (28.75 cm overall) and rotate it 11.25º
> it suddenly says it is 28.747431 cm x 28.747431 cm.

The reported size is the world aligned bounding box size. It’s normal for the world aligned bounding box to change in size when objects are rotated.

– Michael

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