August 28, 2021

An (almost) perfect resin printing setup with one giant problem: Elegoo Mars 3 & Mercury X Bundle!

Thanks to Siraya Tech for sponsoring this video! Check out their resins on Amazon or from Siraya Tech directly at
Resin printers are all pretty good these days, so they can work on getting the setups polished and ironing out oversights from previous generations. But they made their plans without considering the interests of their hardware partner Chitu - and now that everyone is dependent on their parts, they want a bigger slice of the cake.

The Mars 3 and Mercury X bundle were provided by Elegoo free of charge for this review. Elegoo did not have any say in how their machines were reviewed, nor did any money change hands for making this review.
Elegoo have assured that all preorder purchases have been shipped and the machines I received are the sames ones everyone will be getting.

Get the machines shown:
Elegoo Mars 3 directly from Elegoo
Elegoo Mars directly from Elegoo
Elegoo Mars on Amazon
Mercury X bundle directly from Elegoo

Models shown
Medusozoa Mushroom
Terry the Dragon
Chonky 3D print example
Armel the Polar Paladin

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