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AMAZING Home Shop Machinist Tour: TACrafted!

TACRafted Shop Tour with Theo Assfalg. In terms of organization and maximizing space, this basement/home shop takes the cake! There is not ONE inch (25.4 mm) of space that isn’t being utilized. TACrafted is situated in Black Forest, Germany–close to both Weisser AND Hermle. Theo is a student who has multiple projects in the works. In addition to building a 3D Printer and a hydraulic tester, he’s rebuilt and reconditioned nearly every machine in his shop, outfitted them with impressive modifications–and it’s beautiful.

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Comment on his Microscope: The scales are made by RSF electronic, its model type is MSA 001.13. The scales have no fixed resolution because use analog signals, so the resolution depends on the accuracy oft he analog to digital signal transformation.
That means that the control system of the microscope is what makes this small resolution of 0.0001mm possible

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