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AM progresses as EOS, Siemens intensify cooperation around industrial 3D printing

Bruce Jenkins | Ora Research

The race to dominate digital engineering technologies and physical production devices for additive manufacturing just took a significant step forward with a new, tighter cooperation between Siemens and EOS.

EOS, which bills itself—with considerable credibility—as “the world’s leading technology supplier in the field of industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers,” and Siemens announced an intensification of their collaboration to further accelerate additive manufacturing (AM) technology and its application across manufacturing industry. The new level of cooperation comes particularly in the areas of software, automation and drive technology, and use of AM technology:

  • Siemens control and drive components are part of the new EOS M 300 series for metal additive manufacturing.
  • EOS’ job and process management software EOSPRINT 2 now integrates into the AM module of Siemens NX 12.
  • Siemens will introduce an EOS P 500 system for polymer industrial 3D printing into its Additive Manufacturing Experience Center in Erlangen, Germany.

New EOS M 300 series includes Siemens automation and drive technology

EOS says it “expands its portfolio of well proven systems for metal additive manufacturing with the EOS M 300 series. The solution is an automation-ready, future-proof platform that is configurable, scalable and secure. For this, EOS also trusts in control and drive components from the Siemens comprehensive Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) portfolio.”

Said Alfons Eiterer, EOS Head of System Engineering, “EOS puts a strong focus on high quality and reliability in its new developments, while at the same time ensuring dynamical and technological progress. This is the reason we chose Siemens control technology for our new EOS M 300 series. With Siemens we can rely on proven technical components and are well prepared to handle future requirements.”

He continued, “With EOS as a strategic partner in the field of industrial 3D printing, Siemens has not only equipped the EOS M 300 series with components, but also the EOS P 500 wystem for polymer 3D printing on an industrial scale, as showcased first time at last year’s formnext fair.”

EOSPRINT driver for Siemens NX 12 integration

EOS and Siemens say EOSPRINT 2 is an “intuitive, open and productive CAM tool that allows businesses to optimize CAD data for EOS systems. Siemens NX 12 is a seamless end-to-end solution starting with design, via topology optimization and process simulation to print preparation in one user interface.” Now that an EOSPRINT driver for the Siemens NX12 AM module is available, EOSPRINT 2 functions are seamlessly integrated into Siemens’ NX Fixed Plane (Powder Bed) AM software module.

An EOSPRINT driver for the Siemens NX 12 AM module enables seamless integration of EOSPRINT 2 functions into Siemens’ NX AM Fixed Plane (Powder Bed) module software. Source: EOS GmbH

This integration, the companies say, supports Siemens’ overall additive manufacturing solution offering, which “helps to deliver an integrated and associatively linked additive manufacturing process from design to advanced 3D printing with EOS systems. As a result, engineers benefit from a quick and uninterrupted path from product idea to 3D printed part.”

EOS P-500 becomes part of Siemens Additive Manufacturing Experience Center

Siemens says it is going to extend its Additive Manufacturing Experience Center (AMEC) in Erlangen, Germany with the EOS P 500 system. The AMEC, says Siemens, “provides an excellent overview and insight into different industrial AM technologies and information about the challenging industrial requirements for AM-design, simulation and production. It also offers an interactive experience where the integrated, seamless AM chain and the AM-relevant products of Siemens are shown.”

“A fast industrialization of additive manufacturing can only be unleashed by a close cooperation of experts from a software, automation and drive-system angle with industrial 3D printing experts, as is the case with Siemens and EOS,” remarked Dr. Karsten Heuser, VP of Additive Manufacturing at Siemens AG. “We are therefore proud to move with EOS into the next level of industrialization, which will help transform additive manufacturing further from the prototyping phase into industrial serial production.”



EOS P 500

Additive Manufacturing Experience Center (AMEC)

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