February 2, 2018

Air Compressor Text Message Alerts! WW183

Air Compressor Text Message Alerts! WW183

Machining + Internet of Things + IFTTT = Air Compressor Failure Alert! Automatic tank drains SHOULD remove moisture from the air compressor but it doesn't always function properly. The problem: We need to know it's NOT working ASAP in order to avoid a potentially rusty situation!
1. Let's build a device that automatically opens the valve each hour that ALSO detects airflow.
2. Let's combine it with the IFFT (If this, then that) App, which sends a text alert if no airflow is detected. By being pro-active, we keep our air compressor happy!
Build of Materials & Fusion 360 Download: http://bit.ly/2rRugEu
SMW Mod Vise: http://bit.ly/SMWModVise
Fixture Plate Covers: http://bit.ly/2nkZ3Fc
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