March 15, 2018

Achieving the best of both worlds

Versatility has become a necessity for modern cutting tools, but should this requirement compromise a quality end product?

The cost-effective Econ LN milling range.

Milling cutters, for example, which can support roughing to finishing applications in all materials are not uncommon in the marketplace. The challenge today is to achieve versatility, while also meeting the dimensional and finish demands that were once only placed on tools designed for a specific operation and material type.

Dormer Pramet’s Econ LN is a highly cost-effective, versatile milling option, capable of supporting numerous operations in most materials and still producing an excellent surface finish. The positive axial geometry on the universal 90° cutter allows for lower cutting forces and smoother machining in steel, cast iron, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and hardened materials. With an internal cooling system close to the cutting edges, a combination of wiper inserts, secure clamping and reduced power consumption, the Econ LN delivers fast chip-evacuation and a consistently high quality surface finish.

Compatible with the Econ LN are the LNGX 12 and LNMU 16 inserts with four-cutting edges. The LNGX 12 inserts support helical interpolation, ramping and progressive plunging, while the LNMU 16 inserts are strong and robust for long tool life when machining steel and cast iron. In a recent example in North America, an end user was face milling gas turbine end caps made of stainless steel using a large horizontal mill. The Econ LN 80mm face mill with LNGX 120508ER-MF M6330 insert allowed the customer to use a feed rate that was 44 percent higher than the previous option. It meant they ran the equivalent of three finished parts on the first edge, with the insert showing little to no wear. The Econ LN reduced cycle time by 18 minutes just in this single operation and achieved five pieces per edge over the original competitor’s one piece per edge.

Source:Dormer Pramet

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