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5 Great 3D Printing Gifts for Father’s Day

3D Printing is continuing to become more accessible to use on the manufacturing floor to on a desk. With Father’s day right around the corner. I chose to highlight a mix of practical and cool looking 3D prints for you to show your appreciation via 3D printing!

Paper Coffee Cup Grip or Handle

Whether you are holding a hot beverage or a cold one, a drink handle can be a handy tool to give your dad. You can size multiple handles based on specific drinkware he owns or average consumer containers!

Model by FredSWUG

Vintage Hand Drill

Spice up your dad’s tool arsenal with a old school piece of tech printed with high tech! You might have to experiment with materials, infills, and maybe even substituting 3d parts out to have the drill work properly. However even if it ends up not working for every job, this drill is still a cool piece of equipment to have.

Model by Alex Petuhov

TOBi Racing F1 2022

Formula 1 is actually having its 9th round of racing in Canada this Father’s Day! Printing out a Formula 1 race car or just your dad’s favorite car can make a fine addition to his office, shop, or home. Pair that with a drink and watching the race and you two have a recipe for an awesome afternoon.

Model by Petr

Picture Frames

It’s an understate gift but printing a custom picture frame and slotting in your favorite moment with your dad can mean the world to him. Having those memories for everyone to see would make for a perfect gift for a guy who may not ask for much.


Golf Balls

If your dad goes golfing and has a habit of losing his golf balls, printing some could be worth it if you made them just for him. Getting it to perform like a regular golf ball may be a struggle. You could go the other way and mess with things like the weight and dimensions to make joke golf balls to spice up 9 holes. Just make sure you have some normal ones.


Model by Tripund

There is More to Explore

I hope that you find one of these prints to your liking! If your not quite satisfied, the GrabCAD community has a whole library to explore for more. If you do end up downloading any models, please be sure to give thanks to the community members that created the models!

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