5-Axis Machined Arduino Case!

5-Axis Machined Arduino Case!

5-Axis Machined Arduino Case!

5-Axis Machining on the Haas VM3! We use 3+2 positional 5-axis in Fusion 360 to machine this Arduino breadboard case. Learning was the name of the game. This footage was filmed over a month ago and during that time, we’ve been making tons of progress. The Arduino case was daunting at first but now that we’ve machined more complex parts, it seems easy by comparison! So, stay tuned for the upcoming videos on the Turbo Fan and V8 Engine Block. The benefits of 5-axis machining for prototyping and production really get me pumped!

Links for this video

Arduino Case F3D File | http://bit.ly/2w0cGgz

Autodesk Challenge | http://bit.ly/2kgV2jb

Tool Shop Organization | http://bit.ly/2KHTBox

Rob Lockwood’s HSM 5-Axis Tips &Tricks | http://bit.ly/2vNyOKE

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