December 19, 2019

4 Must-Haves For WordPress Users Who Work Remotely

The great thing about using WordPress is the freedom it offers. Whether you host a blog, create affiliate links or set up an online shop, there are lots of ways to make money with WordPress. But, for those who work remotely, WP isn't the only tool you need in your armoury if you want to be successful. Without the following, you might find that there are productivity issues, problems with boredom, or even security threats.

If you want to negate the above when you use WordPress, you should continue reading to learn more about the options on the table.



A 'Virtual Private Network' is a tool that's getting more popular, yet people still don't understand it properly. A VPN definition is straightforward: It's a programme that manages networks or Internet connections for security purposes. That's incredible, but it still doesn't explain why you must-have if you work remotely and WordPress is your prefered software. A VPN helps regardless of the programme because it protects you against threats on local WiFi. Your data plan could have enough data to create a personal hotspot, in which case you don't need WiFi. Still, the majority of digital nomads work in coffee shops for one reason - free internet.

Internet Cafe

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Bluetooth Headset

There's a decent chance that you have more than one device on your person when you work. Although screen time might be an issue for your health, it's essential to multitask so that you don't miss leads and opportunities. Of course, putting your tablet down to pick up your mobile and answer a call isn't efficient either. And, that's where the Bluetooth headset comes into play. Merely link it to your devices V and you can answer calls and reply to emails simultaneously for increased output. A smartwatch is another excellent piece of kit as it uses your Apple or Google account to alert you to notifications.

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An accountant should be at the top of your list; however, they are expensive. So, you want to weigh up the pros and cons and make an informed decision. While an accountant has more expertise, you are self-employed and run a small business - can their skillset massively help? The answer is no. Typically, all an SME requires is a bookkeeper that maintains receipts and tells the boss how much tax to pay and on what date. The small fee is peanuts to what you might pay if you miss a payment and incur fees and penalties.

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Water Bottle

Spending the majority of your time in a coffee shop means drinking lots of caffeine. From a health perspective, it's not a wise move because the stimulant will increase your blood pressure and release more adrenaline. You want to be focussed, but being overly alert will impact your productivity levels. Plus, the drug is addictive and soaks up the moisture in your body, leading to dehydration. A water bottle is a constant supply of H2O that replaces caffeine with an organic, healthy substitute. And it's free, so it's a fantastic way to cut your weekly costs!


What can't you do without when you work remotely?


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