August 1, 2018

3DEXCITE DELTAGEN 2018x improving visualization and model handling

With each new version, 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN breaks high-end visualization ground and provides users with powerful features that elevate their work. DELTAGEN 2018x builds upon this trend with diverse capabilities that allow it to take advantage of the strength and versatility of the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, while expanding its real-time capabilities, courtesy of High Performance Computing (HPC).

Source: 3DExcite

Because you never stop improving your designs and products, DELTAGEN will provide the support and features you need to do your best work. Our advanced render engine, 3DEXCITE STELLAR, keeps you ahead of the curve with advanced lighting and reflection processing that not only improve the quality of your work, but speed it up as well.

In essence, DELTAGEN 2018x allows you to dream bigger and unleash your creativity in bold new ways that will astound even the most critical eye. We have a host of new features we can’t wait to introduce you to. Welcome to the future of visualization.

What´s new in DELTAGEN 2018x:

Perfect Shadow Baking Effortlessly Achieved

Shadow baking receives a major boost in DELTAGEN 2018x, and can now be calculated up to twice as fast, thanks to the Stellar render engine. An optimized UV unwrapper, specifically designed for shadow map generation, unlocks incredible shadow quality that adds an uncanny level of realism to your models. To further save time, when an update to a model is made, shadows only need to be baked for the part that is added or revised, and all pre-existing shadows will not require recalculation. This streamlined approach treats your workflow to the perfect shadow solution, even when working with PDMXML files.

Source: 3DExcite

Lightweight VR Becomes a Heavyweight Contender

To further expand your horizons in this digital content-driven world, DELTAGEN 2018x can now output stereo panoramas with the Stellar render engine. The combination of Global Illumination and Stellar’s Physically Based Renderer invites you to create high-end VR content that can be experienced on any VR ready headset. Stellar’s advanced render settings can also be leveraged to output multiple passes and generate scene variants for use directly in VR experiences. The power of immersive, lightweight VR is in your hands.

Boost Performance Through Model Optimization

Complicated data sets have met their match with DELTAGEN 2018x’s Model Optimizer. Massive performance improvements can be gained through the optimizer’s automatic search and deletion of unnecessary part groups and the reduction of a scene-tree’s depth. Hardware requirements can be further lowered by decreasing the scene’s shape count, which is made possible through the combination of objects with the same material values. Shadow maps can also be combined into large texture atlases to reduce the file count and overhead of unused areas on a shadow texture, which can then be further authored in DELTAGEN 2018x, DELTAGEN HUB, or prepared for VR, AR or other experiences in gaming engines with the 3DEXCITE Direct Unity® plugin.

Polygon Reduction Lowers Model Size And Keeps Quality

A new polygon decimator allows the polygon count of models to be significantly reduced, while preserving their high visual quality. When used in conjunction with the Model Optimizer, data quickly and easily is made ready for gaming engine plugins to create stunning desktop, mobile, immersive experiences and beyond.

Source: 3DExcite

Support of XPDMXML files for 3DEXPERIENCE®

Your CG workflow is instantly streamlined and upgraded with DELTAGEN’s native support of XPDMXML files straight from CAD software. Further linking DELTAGEN to the power of the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, you can now directly import CAD files that include model parts with NURBS, UVs, materials, metadata and complete assembly structures, thus simplifying your processes and letting you focus more on the work you love, and less time worrying about file compatibility.

Source: 3DExcite

Accelerated reflection calculation and native goniometric lighting

Our 3DEXCITE STELLAR renderer is now more powerful than ever, thanks to its enhanced ability to process reflections, and its native support of goniometric lights. Thanks to DELTAGEN 2018x’s STELLAR update, you can now define the parts of the model you want to evaluate reflections for, focusing render time on a specific area and facilitating faster reviews with a single workstation, even in Rasterizing mode.
Enjoy more accurate and beautiful lighting, thanks to DELTAGEN 2018x’s support for goniometric lights. Simply customize your lighting settings and import your .ies files directly to DELTAGEN, or adjust the settings in DELTAGEN’s Object Editor to achieve unprecedented lighting control in all render modes.


Render passes are now available in DELTAGEN STELLAR and Distributed STELLAR (DSTELLAR). They include: Diffuse, Specular, Refraction, Reflection, Indirect Illumination, Ambient Occlusion, UV, Normal, Depth, Alpha and STELLAR Material ID. Render passes in DSTELLAR extend the capabilities of large content production pipelines that are using distributed rendering.

Jacketing configurator

Save time, effort and achieve better model reduction results with refined jacketing techniques. Define occluders per group or part – rather than by isolating parts one by one – and quickly compare results from different quality settings to determine how to best prepare your data.

Source: 3DExcite

Improved automatic unwrapping

DELTAGEN 2018x’s powerful Automatic Unwrapping feature provides perfect texturing without visible seams, allowing for full material coverage. The result is smooth, gorgeous textures that are indistinguishable from their real-world counterparts. Shadow UVs also feature automatic unwrapping, making your texturing smoother, more inutitive and higher quality with less effort.


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