August 6, 2020

3D Printing Basics: When things go wrong! (Ep9)

Thanks to Prusa Research and Prusament for supporting the series
What are the issues to look out for in your 3D prints? Let's find out!
Check out the E3D Volcano series

Relevant guides (some of these are... old!)
Extruder calibration
Nozzle cleaning
Octoprint setup
PID tuning
Filament basics
Bed leveling basics
Printer box
Jerk/acceleration/speed tuning

00:00 When Things go wrong
01:06 What does a good print look like?
03:31 Extrusion Problems
03:48 Too little - too much Filament
05:20 Clogging
06:10 Blobs and Stringing
06:57 Temperature Problems
07:49 Bed Adhesion and Warping
09:27 More Temperature Issues: Curling, molten down Details, Gaps
10:02 Mechanical Issues
12:52 Overtuning

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Music by Epidemic Sound

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