July 15, 2021

360 LIVE: Deep Dive into the New Parametric Mesh Editing and Reverse Engineering Tools

In this LiveStream, Jason will take you on a journey into Fusion 360's new mesh workspace. The mesh workspace recently received a major overhaul and now brings you parametric history for your mesh edits. You read that right! Mesh repairs and edits are now parametric! Reverse engineering and converting to solids is easier than ever. Also, adding engineered features to complex mesh models is now a breeze. Believe it or not, there is more! Join this live stream to learn all about the new tools and the new workflows it now enables. If you ever work with mesh models, for reverse engineering or 3D printing, this live stream is for you.

Don’t forget to check out our new podcast! - “The New Possible” is a podcast that sheds light on the future of making things - from ventilators to sustainable motorcycles - in a relatable and authentic way. Each episode tells an engaging, thought-provoking, and technically relevant story of how a company unlocks their new possible using Autodesk’s Fusion 360.

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This live stream was created by Jason Lichtman

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