July 30, 2019

32Bit SKR 3D Printer Motherboard from BigTreeTech, Marlin 2.0 Compatible

32 Bit SKR motherboard


Why choose this board ?

BIGTREETECH SKR V1.3 motherboard is the latest upgrade version based on SKR V1.1 of  ShenZhen BigTree Technology CO.,LTD. .

The team launched a cost-effective motherboard to combat some of the issues with other boards on the market. The SKR main board , especially suitable for small and medium-sized printers.

Note  : We have a small SD card for each motherboard. File names cannot be changed in the SD card.

Picture below shows the bottom without components of the PCB with pin labels.

Picture below shows the top without components of the PCB with pin labels.


The more details motherboard info about Marlin 2.0 ,please check




How to link SKR V1.3 motherboard and use TMC2130 SPI mode, TMC2208 UART mode firmware modification tutorial in Marlin.



The SKR V1.3 motherbaord specification



Note: When using smoothieware open source firmware, many functions on SKR V1.3, such as 2130SPI, 2208UART, LCD screen and so on, can not be used. Only Malin firmware can show all the functions of SKR V1.3.


About TMC2130 driver :

DIY TMC2130 V1.1 option is not wired and requires you to solder yourself when using SPI Mode,otherwise ,the stepper motor is ordinary working model : Welding method: welding CFG4 to GND, CFG5 to VCC . (Please add the TMC2130 wire together,if you need to use SPI model with the other board . However, no cable is needed to use SKR V1.3 motherboard, which only by welding the following positions. )


If you want to use the SPI model conveniently,we suggestion you choose this kit ,4 PCS TMC2130 V2.0 SPI .




About TMC2208 UART driver :


There have two verison choose about TMC2208 ATEP/DIR ,UARt model .TMC2208 UART for those looking for UART but not sure about soldering. They now offer v3 of the 2208 with the soldering done for you.

TMC2208 V3.0 single-axis stepper motor drive chip, power tube built-in drive current 1.4A peak current 2A, voltage range 4.75V-36V, 256 subdivision; with patented technology spreadCycle ™ high chopper frequency, dcStep ™, stallGuard2 ™ stall detection technology, CoolStep ™ current dynamic adjustment technology, can save 70% of the energy, StealthChop mute technology.Support Single Wire UART for advanced configuration options.Integrated Pulse Generator for standalone motion

Can replace the original TMC2100 ,lower heat, especially for the 3D printing market!!!


Configuration:STEP/DIR Or UART

microsteps:  Up to 1/256

microPlyer:  1/256

Logic Voltage VI0: 3.3-5V

Motor Voltage : 4.75-36V

Motor Phase Current: 1.2A RMS, 2.0A Peak



  • Supports three control modes of UART/STEP/DIR interface .
  • Combined maximum efficiency and optimum motor torque operation without noise.
  • High accuracy no sensor motor load detection
  • Large Area Of Dissipation
  • Immersion Gold Process


The more details you can check the specification :



TMC2208 V3.0 DIY STEP/DIR modle : Can be use STEP/DIR direct . It also has UART pins for easy diy welding when you want to use the UART model.

TMC2208 UART model : You can directly use UART model with this version .

When buying these types of driver module, make sure you buy good quality modules like these ones. There many versions that do NOT have the correct through board cooling areas. These are especially good because they a gold plated! The cheaper modules have painted and incorrect through board cooling. Applying heat-sinks to painted surfaces is NOT going to give you the same cooling ability and the driver will probably over heat.

This illustration shows the difference between the BigTreeTech modules and others available on the market.


Active cooling of driver modules is the best practice for reliability when printing.

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