Is Chitubox Pro worth it?

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Thanks to Siraya Tech for sponsoring this video! Check out their resins on Amazon or from Siraya Tech directly at With Chitubox (Pro) being the only option as a slicer on the Elegoo Mars 3 and on future Chitu-based resin printers, let’s find out whether shelling out for Chitubox Pro is a necessity … Read more

What’s New in Fusion 360 Manufacturing September 2021

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See what’s new in Fusion 360 Manufacturing for September 2021! This month, we’re focusing on some of the details. Small changes can have a big impact! Don’t forget to check out our new podcast! – “The New Possible” is a podcast that sheds light on the future of making things – from ventilators to sustainable … Read more

360 LIVE: Shining Light on the Pipe Command

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In this LiveStream, Brad will show how you can create geometry using the Pipe command that may be more difficult using other methods. This will be a multi-part series where we create this Patio Light and create realistic renderings of the product. Link to the outline: ►SUBSCRIBE: ►COMPARE: ►TRIAL: Powered by WPeMatico

What’s New in Fusion 360 Design & Engineering + GENERATIVE FLUIDS September 2021

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In this months iteration of What’s New in the Design and Engineering space for Fusion 360 we cover the latest public preview for Generative Fluids! Generative Fluids is a new feature that enables you to assess and optimize fluid flows via our generative design tools. It’s awesome! We also cover some new drawings enhancements and … Read more

G10 – The best print surface you’ve never heard of.

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Even if you only print PLA I highly recommend giving G10, otherwise known as FR4 or Garolite a go. I’ve been testing this cheap print surface on a range of materials and it’s quite impressive indeed! Where to find G10 (regularly updated, send through your suggestions for reputable suppliers!). //International// //US// McMaster – … Read more

360 LIVE: BattleBots & Twisted Parts

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In this LiveStream, Angelo & Brad will team up for a fun-filled LiveStream. Angelo will update us on how he , Autodesk, and Haas Automation helped at BattleBots the last few weeks in Las Vegas. Then, Brad will show how to create some cool twisted vases in Fusion 360 for 3D Printing. ►SUBSCRIBE: ►COMPARE: … Read more

Fusion 360 electronics Tutorial: Learn how to export ODB++ files

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ODB++ is one of the mostly used export formats for electronic circuit boards. In this tutorial, you will learn how to export this Open Database format using Fusion 360 electronics. Fusion 360 electronics ODB++ Blog: Fusion 360 electronics Forum: Don’t forget to check out our new podcast! – “The New Possible” is a … Read more

The World’s First 8K MSLA Resin Printer is HUGE – Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K Review

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Phrozen’s latest MSLA Resin 3D Printer comes with an 8K resolution mono LCD panel and can print up to 400mm high! But, should you choose this beast over several smaller printers instead? Purchase Links: Phrozen – For Aussies – 3D Prints: Maker Coin – Gayer-Anderson Cat – Mystery Maker’s Patreon – … Read more

Two-sided Shop Machining with Mark Lindsay | Vectric Worldwide UGM 2021

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In this session Mark Lindsay will be walking through the process of creating a two sided shop clock for his new shop! He’ll also share with you how to locate your dowels so that the material aligns perfectly when you flip the part over. #CNC #Vectric #VectricUGM2021 #VectricUGM #QandA #Aspire #VCarve #Woodworking #learning #CNCFun #MakeSomething … Read more

Modeling: The Bigger Picture with Beki | Vectric Worldwide UGM 2021

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Following on from Beki’s introduction to modelling presentation, she will be exploring further into the modelling tools to create complex compositions, where she will demonstrate how we can break down elements in a design into manageable chunks to create the overall 3D layout. #CNC #Vectric #VectricUGM2021 #VectricUGM #QandA #Aspire #VCarve #Woodworking #learning #CNCFun #MakeSomething #Make … Read more

Epoxy Inlays with Shane Peters | Vectric Worldwide UGM 2021

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In this session Shane, the master of epoxy inlays will be sharing everything there is to know to creating an epoxy inlay project. He’ll show us how he brings a design into the software, and the toolpath setup for a typical epoxy project. Shane will then let us in on the practicalities involved with pouring … Read more

Tool Database 101 with David | Vectric Worldwide UGM 2021

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David and the support team have pulled together to share with you all of their top tips for keeping your tool database in check! From looking at how to create backups, importing tool database, how to add more complex tool types such as thread tools and more! #CNC #Vectric #VectricUGM2021 #VectricUGM #QandA #Aspire #VCarve #Woodworking … Read more

Sign Making with Mike Legregni | Vectric Worldwide UGM 2021

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In this session we’re bringing you a short inspirational video showing the sign making process from start to finish. Sit back and relax while professional sign maker Mike from Veteran Wood Co. shows you how he took on a project for a local VFW. #CNC #Vectric #VectricUGM2021 #VectricUGM #QandA #Aspire #VCarve #Woodworking #learning #CNCFun #MakeSomething … Read more

Multi-Sheet Oktoberfest Sign with David | Vectric Worldwide UGM 2021

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In this session Support Engineer David will be presenting how to create a multi material Oktoberfest sign. This session will be jam-packed full of tips and tricks, from drawing up the initial layout, to separating the design onto their relevant sheets according to the materials to machine the parts with! David will then talk through … Read more

Puzzling it Out with Edward | Vectric Worldwide UGM 2021

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In this presentation Edward builds a mathematically precise puzzle from scratch using Vectric’s drawing tools and then shows how sheets can be used to manage the manufacturing layouts and jigs required to cut the part in multiple passes and set-ups on the CNC. #CNC #Vectric #VectricUGM2021 #VectricUGM #QandA #Aspire #VCarve #Woodworking #learning #CNCFun #MakeSomething #Make … Read more

Desks Unite with Bill Young | Vectric Worldwide UGM 2021

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“We can all help with a simple act” – Santiago LaVerde Join Bill Young of ShopBot Tools for an inspiring session recognizing a selection of makers who utilized their tools, skills and workshops to help their local communities and those most in need during the Covid 19 global pandemic. Prusa Printers Covid Response:​ Maker … Read more

Finishing Tips and Tricks with Stephanie | Vectric Worldwide UGM 2021

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In this session Stephanie will be stepping into some big shoes taking a topic traditionally presented by the one and only Michael Tyler who unfortunately couldn’t join us for this years event. Stephanie will be showing how you can take advantage of your CNC and the tools in your workshop to turn trash in to … Read more

Efficient Ways of Working with Mike and Adam | Vectric Worldwide UGM 2021

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In this session Mike and Adam from the development team will give some tips and tricks about how to work more efficiently within the software, and how to get the software to produce more efficient output. This will range from simple ideas, such as how to work more effectively with the drawing tools, to more … Read more

Map to the top – Topo Toolpaths with Cory and Sami from Avid CNC | Vectric Worldwide UGM 2021

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In this session Sami and Cory will be taking you on an adventure and creating topographical maps. They’ll show you different paths to the top of Mt. Vectric by demonstrating topo machining strategies in all software products, from looking at 2D design, model import, sculpting and more! #CNC #Vectric #QandA #Aspire #VCarve #Woodworking #learning #CNCFun … Read more

D&M Project & 3D Machining with Todd | Vectric Worldwide UGM 2021

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Design and Make is a great resource for 3D content for your projects and in this presentation, Todd will take you through the process he used to create the last call bell project. He will start out by creating a layout using only 3D content from Design and Make to help illustrate his project idea. … Read more

360 LIVE: Derive-ing Lessons


In this LiveStream, Brad will show some functionality of the Derive command. See how you can base one part off of another part, and when you change the 1st part, the second will also update. Link to the outline: Model based off of Chromance by Zack Freedman ►SUBSCRIBE: ►COMPARE: ►TRIAL: Powered by … Read more

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