Carved Wooden Sign

vcarved sign

This carved wooden sign is manufactured from solid wood. This sign has been machined using a V cutter to provide a V shaped profile cut. The profile of cut maybe left in a natural finish or filled with paint to give greater definition. This is a 1/4″ shaft 60 degree V shaped cutter used to … Read more

FL3D CNC Router

L 20160910131128

  The design for this machine was born out of frustration of using smaller machines and have limited cutting area for the jobs at hand. It was inspired by various other machines in it’s class. Larger cutting area was the main objective for completing this project, but more precision was a close second. This machine … Read more

GRBL Panel

grbl img

A machine-like panel to control Grbl Yes, another one. I needed more definite control over my CNC router. And I wanted it adaptable, configurable and understandable. This panel treats the CNC machine as a generic device. The jog buttons are arranged in a way that reflects a fixed spindle milling machine. Many items are configurable … Read more

MakerSlide Lite Project

SpaceClaim.33 1

Based on the original Makerslide, I designed the Makerslide Lite linear rail, allowing Makers greater flexibility and value for money. The original Makerslide (MS) by Barton Dring, is a fantastic product and was my inspiration when designing the Makerslide Lite. I designed this rail to compliment the original MS rail system. The goal is to … Read more

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