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10 G-code commands you NEED to know about! #3DPrinting

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0:00 Intro
0:46 What is G-code?
2:51 How to send G-code to your 3D Printer (over USB serial) using Repetier-Host
5:02 G28 Home Axes
5:56 G1 Linear Move
8:30 M302 Enable / disable cold extrusion prevention
9:45 G92 and M83 (Absolute vs Relative movement commands)
10:42 M92 Set axis steps per unit (usually MM)
11:23 Firmware EEPROM Config in Repetier-Host
11:50 Heating G-code commands
13:18 M303 PID Autotune
15:04 M300 Beep
15:57 M117 Set LCD Message

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